Typewriter Repair

Repair your favorite typewriter!

Bayne’s is one of the few companies locally that still repairs older model typewriters, we offer pick up & delivery with the service charge.

We can help you find the hard to find ribbons and parts for the repair of many typewriter models.

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Typewrite pngRoyalAntique Typewriter

Recently we received a phone call from a gentleman that told us he had an older model typewriter he had owned for many years.  Someone told the gentleman about Bayne’s from a referral and he gave us a call.  He stated he was about to throw the machine out in the trash and hated the thought of it because he loved the old machine.  He told us he did not realize there were still service technicians that could service them.  We confirmed to him that we would be delighted to reunite he and “old faithful” and see what we could do to help him. We are happy to report they are working together again!Please give us a call to get your favorite machine up and running once again, we love referrals too! (423) 479-9677.